FREE Summer Workshops at Alabang Town Center

While grocery shopping,books shopping and window shopping at Alabang Town Center, I remembered how my daughter was able to attend Baby Ballet classes c/o Symmetry Dance Studio for FREE last year. I made it a point to drop by their conceirge to inquire about whatever promo they have this time. Last year, the deal was that if you have a single receipt purchase of at least Php1000, then buy ballet paraphernalia at the local store, you are eligible for their free ballet classes.

This time, there’s even no purchase required. No ballet, but even better, they have kids yoga and gymnastics! 

So I  present to you the free activities your kids can attend this summer and I’ll even tell you how to get in on the free deal!
Here are the list of classes and the schedules included :

All you have to do is take a 1×1 photo of your adorable kid’s face, a photocopy of your child’s school ID or birth certificate; then fill out a registration form and waiver form at their concierge (at the Activity Center) and finally, select the class your kid wants to join.

Of course it’s a given that you need to bring the materials that you would need for the classes yourselves and your kid needs to be in proper attire/ uniform if needed. Also you can’t have more than three absences or tsk tsk…no certificate of completion for your kid.

Last year, even for a brief few minutes during the recital, I saw my daughter was so happy about presenting onstage their little ballet number. It was such a heartwarming and happy milestone for her.

I’ll dig up a photo and add it here.

Hope this post helped you if you were undecided about which summer activity to enroll your little ones in. Ciao!


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