Expanding their minds at the Mind museum

I think children are most likely to be exposed to Astronomy first as compared to any other area of science primarily because their taught to point to the moon, the stars or the sun. Then they learn about planets, constellations, and eventually, the Milky Way Galaxy.

This was what my daughter greatly enjoyed while viewing the dome movie at the Mind Museum, seeing the big picture that it’s not just one galaxy, but limitless numbers of galaxies. My 3 year son on the other hand, got scared of the loud suspense like music and the narrators voice so he wanted to get out until i hugged him really tight. He likes dinosaurs better than planets.

The Mind Museum was a visit we were trying to postpone until the kids were older but we grabbed the opportunity when we were gifted with free entrance vouchers by very kind hearted souls a.k.a my cousins.

After the astronomy part of the museum, we went through a tunnel that mimicked a space-time continuum and then we saw this interactive exhibit about earthquakes where you get a look-see on what specific magnitudes can possibly do to skyscrapers.

My little boy enjoyed this track ball controlled time warp movie about nature where if you turn the ball slowly you can see in slow motion the animal’s movements.

What’s great about the Mind Museum is that it’s not just a museum for observing and watching science, it’s a place where your kids can play with science and experience it while learning. Next my kids played with this Animal Sound Cave where they differentiated animal sounds.

We were able to catch 3D movie showings about the Big Bang Theory in the Origins of Life and about evolution in Birthplace. Shows are 30 minutes apart if you want to maximize it and the schedules are here if you’re interested – Mind Museum Show Times.

Check out the FREE seating.

We were just full of smiles that day. 

We then reached the Biology area but for some reason, I can’t find the photos of my kids with the giant brain where each part would light up and they learned about which part of the brain controls movement, taste, and speech. 

On the second floor, the exhibits were about how thing work. We had limited time by this point because the museum was near closing time. They learned about powerplants, different inventions, and the evolution of cars, planes and other technologies. There was some part there about the teenage brain that wasn’t something my kids were interested in so we moved on along on that part.

We then headed back downstairs for the last of our dinosaur fill and tool a photo with the iconic replica of the Tyrannosaurus Rex…and its poop.

We were left with little time in the Physics / Chemistry section where they learned about vibrations, magnets, the table of elements, and many more. 

One visit really merits another.

Photo from Mind Museum Website

For more information on their updated ticket prices, view it at their website – Ticket Prices and Time Slots. My opinion is that 3 hours just isn’t enough and that it’s best to go when there are few foot traffic like on weekdays especially this summer.

Hope you enjoyed this post and consider adding the Mind museum to your list of things to do with your kid this summer!


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