Canyon Cove Spontaneous Beach Day trip

After a very sudden decision to visit the beach and a bit of googling “Batangas day trip”, we decided to make a visit to Canyon Cove in Nasugbu, Batangas. It wasn’t my first visit but it was my kids’ first time there.

It was my first day trip visit to Canyon Cove( and checking their bookings on their site, their resort rooms were already fully booked that day but they accepted walk-in day trippers per information that Google,Agoda,Trivago and Tripadvisor gave us.
If you have read my other beach post with my kiddos here, all they actually want to do at the beach is to make sand castles. This means sand castle-worthy sand is a top priority on the list of requirements.


Look at this  sandy beach, definitely fit for sand castle making activities.


I absolutely wanted to try their other activities but being with the little ones not permitting it we settled for lounging by the beach and watching them get sand on their faces.


Day trip registration was quite a breeze, probably because we arrived a bit early, 8am, no one was checking out or checking into the resort yet. My three year old got free entrance and my five year old was half price so we only paid a total of Php 2,500 for all four of us! It was very hassle free if you compare it to day trips to other Batangas resorts like La Luz where you would need to pay the fees ahead of time and make reservations in advance for a day trip visit. Another plus is that Canyon Cove was actually nearer and had sandy, not stony beach.

Included in the day trip fee were food stubs for their in house restaurant amounting to Php 300 each.  I think it was quite reasonable since we got three food vouchers. Yay!



Then we were free to use their lockers in the day trip bathrooms, pool, and beach area. We stayed at a cabana near their pool with no additional charge. There were also some lounge chairs where it would be comfy to curl up with a book.

A food truck was near the pool where you could buy snacks but we settled for their restaurant and used up our food vouchers instead. The food vouchers were not accepted in this food truck. Shame.

I don’t have photos of our lunch because were were so hungry we ate it all up in minutes. It took some time for the food to arrive and that was generally the feedback on Tripadvisor as well. Another downside is that the restaurant was air-conditioned and one would have to get into their dry clothes to get in. All in all, we only added about Php 200 for our entire meal on top of the food vouchers.



Most of our morning was spent playing with the sand and swimming at the beach. Then in the afternoon we stayed at the pool side while we watched our little ones swim near the edge.



They didn’t want any naptime, of course so by 4 pm, they were fine with washing up and getting ready to hit the road. They then spent the ride home sleeping, tired from all the swimming and sand playing. We were happy with the day trip decision all in all since little kids generally don’t have the energy to play ALL DAY.

Canyon cove was an excellent find and I will be sure to come back when we have another unplanned urge to hit the beach with our little ones.

If you love the beaches of Batangas, ready my other post summarizing the other resorts from Talisay to San Juan that I’ve tried — here.

Happy reading!


2 thoughts on “Canyon Cove Spontaneous Beach Day trip

  1. Hi! Magkano po ang rate for adults? And until what time ang day tour? Wala kasi nakalagay sa website nila. Thanks.

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