Pasinaya Festival at the CCP

In January I shared a post on my facebook page (surprise! I have one!)

The term “Workshop All You Can” was quite optimistic for a Mom of two. I was aiming only for 1 workshop per kid. If I could get them in at least one, it would be a worthwhile festival visit.

The Pasinaya Festival was something new to me but it was a cultural immersion for non Artsy people who want their kids to experience the Arts for themselves. For more info on Pasinaya, visit — this link.

 It was an Open House of sorts, mostly high school kids standing around in long queues,waiting to get into different theatres. A definite steal at only Php50 minimum donation per head, we were able to get into a baby ballet class and ukelele class.

The Baby Ballet class was offered by Ballet Philippines. My daughter didn’t get to join the morning session but they were very gracious about it and let her join their afternoon Baby Ballet session. While waiting with the other parents I was starstruck when Lisa Macuja herself,Prima Ballerina and National Artist for Dance passed by right in front of us.

At the lobby there was a fair type setup with booths and musical instruments,books, etc being sold. I learned about Ballet Philippines Summer Dance workshops at their booth.

Other booths that caught our attention were Museo Pambata which boasted of their party packages, admission hours and rates (posted below in case you need it). We also liked the impromptu concert with Kawayan (bamboo) instruments and the local Filipino musical artifacts on display by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines.

It was a quick 45 minute ballet class and my son actually only strummed the ukelele for 2 minutes during the free session but it was a very worthwhile visit to CCP’s Pasinaya Festival. 

It was a well attended event if you see this photo of their Jazz dance and Streetdance  workshops. Imagine falling in line to get into that with two kids.

My kids enjoyed their time and we were fortunate to get into the afternoon ballet class and we will definitely be back next year to try the other workshops, probably solo singing and children’s theatre.

Thanks to CCP and Ballet Philippines and cheers for a successful Open house and Pasinaya Festival. 😉


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