Paradizoo – Kids and Etymology

Einstein once said that…

“If  a  bee disappeared off the surface of the globe,

Then man would only have four years of life left.

No more bees… No pollination…

No plants… No animals… No more man.

If honeybees ceased to exist today,  one-third of the food we eat would disappear.”

While it is largely debatable if Einstein himself said this quote, my 5 year old was greatly intrigued after reading this. 

Of course after that she asked about pollination and who Einstein was which was eventually a lengthy discussion for a 5 year old and she quickly went back to observing the bees.

There was a drizzle when we visited so we stayed a while at the bee-keeping area where the caretaker also holds seminar on bees, how they produce honey, and the kinds of honey they produce  (from the Santol and Mango trees). My kids spent some time observing how the honeybees exit their hive and come back with pollen while we were given a short Beehive 101 class which my kids really enjoyed.

We had spent sometime there waiting for the rain to disappear and so kuya caretaker offered us some honey to go along with the crackers we were eating. 

You would instantly tell the difference between store bought honey and honey staright from the farm because of its viscosity. We ended up buying 2 bottles of yummy honey at Php250 each.
After a while the rain was gone and he let us into the butterfly farm  where we observed a butterfly climb out of its cocoon!

I tried my best not to get scared of the caterpillars because then my kids would be scared as well so we tried letting a butterfly land on one of our hands. Kiddos were amazed when a giant black moth landed and stayed on their dad’s hand. I tried not to scream in fear.

Before going home, we were given a gift of a butterfly, still in its cocoon.

We enjoyed the other parts of Paradizoo which I will post more about later including how we got there and admission details.

I just wanted to show this teaser of the butterflies and how wonderful they were. 

*Pinky promise*

We went home, put the baby cocoon on a string, tied it to our small Calamansi tree in the front yard and waited for it to come out into the world.

Which it did beautifully after 5 days.


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