Odd Mom Out

In a Nutshell

Odd Mom Out is a TV series about upper class Manhattan moms and how clueless they are about parenthood, and one odd mom who stands out in the mayhem of socialite momzillas. It’s a satirical comedy based on the creator, Jill Kargman’s own experiences, being an upper class Manhattanite herself.

Quick info: Drew Barrymore was her sister-in-law, her Father was the former President of Chanel (source), and she’s friends with Gwyneth Paltrow



Odd Mom Out is a TV series based on a book called Momzillas written by Jill Kargman, the main protagonist of the show. She also directs the whole thing. I know you might be thinking, is there anything she can’t do? Either that OR is she so full of herself, that she has to write about her life, star in a satirical version of it, much less direct it herself? But really that’s what I thought in the beginning but watching the show and seeing interviews of her, she’s as real a mom as any upper class New Yorker will ever be…

…and she’s funny as hell.

She instantly reminds you of Wednesday Addams all grown up (see above photo for reference) – pale complexion, dark outfits, and red lips. What’s relatable in this show is that she shows us non-Upper Class New Yorkers that being a socialite mom isn’t something you would wish on your greatest enemy. There’s too much importance on image, less time spent with the kids, messy divorces and infidelity.

The Odd Mom Out isn’t just about rich people and parenthood, it’s also about how parents can screw up sometimes because they are learning things along the way.

Who to watch out for

The best friend – Vanessa who is also an ER doctor and exhibits sarcasm in the best possible way. In the show she’s Jill’s personal everyday sanity check. She keeps Jill “normal”.

Why I can’t get enough of it

Odd Mom Out is on its second season. When I started out the first season, at about the 3rd episode I was thinking “Am I sure about this?” But eventually I got it. It’s an ALMOST reality show but a satire of the real thing.



This morning my kids both went to school and Jill experiences the same thing in the show and she says to her best friend;

” This is why you have to have kids, so you can experience the jubilation of handing them off to other people. (Vanessa laughs) I feel like I’ve been running a marathon and now I’m at the finish line.”

Only fellow moms would understand how funny and absolutely true that is.

I also can’t get enough of how extravagant the show’s main socialite and protagonist – Brooke von Weber can be. It’s fun seeing her be clueless and in charge at the same time.

Read more of her funny socialite ideas at The Von Blog. You can’t help but hate and love her.



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