How to DIY a Ferrari Themed First Birthday

My husband is a big  Formula 1 Gran Prix fan.

So when we were trying to decide on a theme for our son’s first birthday party, naturally he chose and decided on the Ferrari theme. It would have been easier to choose the Cars or Lightning Mcqueen or Hot wheels theme but the kid in him wouldn’t have that.

It had to be Ferrari.

It’s quite easy to find resources out there for Ferrari buntings and banners for a Ferrari-themed birthday party, the only difficult part was finding Ferrari themed party plates, ready-made invitations, ready-made loot bags and ready to order cakes. Pretty much everything had to be custom-made or printed out.

But don’t let that hold you back, read on to find DIY tips and ready to download printables for your very own Ferrari themed birthday party.

  1. Set the tone with your invitation

We wanted our son’s first birthday to be special so we customized our Ferrari themed invitations, well, that’s one reason, the second is that we couldn’t find Ferrari invitations anywhere.

I dabbled in some photoshop and used photos from the internet for my son’s invite, but If you don’t do photoshop, you can also have it custom made.

It would be fun to stick the invite to some ref magnets to double as a save the date reminder for your guests.

Dru-draft - Copy

  1. Greet your guests DIY style

To welcome the guests, we used orange cartolina and made them into traffic cones then tied some helium filled balloons on the cones. We also printed out a standee on tarpaulin and hot glued it onto thick cardboard as a DIY standee.

Here’s the before setup:



To make your own cones…

Follow the instructions below, these are the instructions to create them as table décor, just size it up to make the bigger cones. These cones are versatile, you can use them as cake table add-ons, pin cake poppers into them (add styro on the inside), or seal them up to use them as favor boxes!



  1. Choose a kick-ass Ferrari cake table setup

For the cake and candy table setup, we used this large banner and placed it on top of the goodies, versions of which you can easily download when you google “Welcome Race Fans” or click here (Photo Credit). Then you can use an online poster maker to split the image up into sections and print into 2×8 bond paper banner.


What’s a Ferrari themed birthday without a Ferrari birthday cake?

We printed out the Ferrari logo and added them to yellow cupcakes to add to our cake table. We used trophies as candy holders and placed mini traffic cones onto the bar/cake table. You can use red and yellow colored candies and chocolates to fill your candy bowl/trophies, out top picks were peanut M&Ms, licorice, and Flat tops.


  1. Let them loot!

For the loot bags, we chose to buy a matchbox car for each kid (and kid at heart!) and also to make these coloring pages by collecting race car related images – you can get it here.

For a fun front cover for your coloring pages, you can use a mobile app like Moment Cam to turn your son into an actual race car driver!


5. Have a fun (but affordable) DIY backdrop

Luckily, we saw this black checkered linoleum while grocery shopping. We added a Ferrari car printout and the spare tire from the back of our car and viola! Instant DIY photobooth backdrop.



DIY photobooth backdrop



All in all, planning a Ferrari themed birthday party wasn’t easy for us but we were able to pull it off with the right resources. There were moments I just wanted to mix it up with some Cars toys or party décor but I knew my husband was passionate about the theme so we stuck to it.

It’s a fond memory we can look back on when we watch Formula 1 with our son in the future Sunday nights we will spend together  – rooting for team Ferrari.




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