Shiny New Cinema at Evia


Late night cinemas and last full shows are a gem for working class parents like us. Lucky for us, one just opened at Evia Pontevia along Daanghari. I have been scouring the world wide web for rates but found none posted so here I am, posting them for your contentment just in case you were also wondering how much a movie date at Evia would cost.


Here’s their latest schedule and if you look closely they have a 4D and  2D cinema.

There is no question their 4D cinema has a bigger price tag at Php500 while their 2D cinema is at Php270. Still heavy for one movie but looking at the other ‘nicer’ cinemas in the area like Commerce center in Alabang, it’s pretty much in the same price range.

I just wonder if IMAX is still better than 4D or vice versa. Not sure if I want to spend Php500 to find out though.


Their 2D cinema was quite nice with a separate bathroom inside the cinema and very clean,new seats.



We grabbed a quick slice of pizza at their dine in and takeout newly opened Sbarro and lemonade at the Tater’s stand.


So..if you were wondering about this new cinema here’s the info on the rates I couldn’t find through google.

Thanks for reading and enjoy your movie date!


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