Woodsies Jungle Rumble

I try my best as a working mom to do a weekly arts & crafts activity with the kids.

Last February, a close friend of mine gave my daughter this interesting crafts box called ‘Woodsies’ which is composed of pieces of Popsicle sticks and shapes of wood that you can use to create at least 11 Jungle animals.



My daughter insisted on making the crafted jungle animals one weekend ago. It was a nice family activity for toddlers with their parents.

All you need is this Jungle Rumble box, a bottle of glue and tons of patience. It comes with a set of instructions, making the animal craft quite easy to create. Warning : Be ready to deal with sticky hands!



Our little boy was so eager to make a monkey with the pieces he got, with supervision, of course. Meanwhile, her sister wanted to create on her own and came up with interesting works of wood art. She drew faces on our creations afterwards and set them aside for the glue to set in.


It would have been cool if we had made the creations into a small dayorama of jungle animals but my kids liked chasing each other around,jungle animal in hand so they wouldn’t sit down and wait any longer.

Maybe next time.

We still have a few popsicles and wood pieces left.

And lots of time to practice on patience.


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