Cupcakes make everything alright.


Things that help make a weekend fantastic despite a hectic work week : cupcakes and a good cup of mocha.

This amazing sight made my day and I just want to share this to die for rack of heavenly goodness.



Are you drooling yet?


To be honest it was their poster of all day breakfast that got me hooked when I passed by their shop. There is something about an all day breakfast with a cup of brew that just does it for me. Sad though… I forgot to take a photo of the shop facade. I opted for the Creamy Chicken Pesto instead when I saw the menu… and cupcakes… and an order of white iced mocha.


The pesto was heavy on the stomach and had too much olive oil for my taste but their burger was quite tasty and sumptous. Don’t get their Black Forest iced drink if you are not into cherry syrup because unfortunately they don’t use actual cherries for that drink. I loved their White Iced Mocha and I thought it was a good deal from the expensive Starbucks version at Php115.

The place was quite relaxing and homey for a quiet, intimate lunch. Their place was shabby chic, blue and minimalist.


They had tea and fondue sets available for Php200 but we didn’t have enough time or stomach space left so we settled for a Little Red Riding Hood (Red Velvet) and Blue Monster (Chocolate with Creamy Icing) cupcake.


Image credit

It felt like eating Max’s homemade cupcakes from 2 Broke Girls because of the creative names they had on the cupcakes on display. I loved the creamy icing on the Blue Monster Cupcake even though we laughed all over ourselves because it turns the teeth blue a little bit after eating. Doesn’t last long, don’t worry.

We ordered a takeout for their sampler for only Php200. I can’t wait to devour the whole thing, with my sisters, of course.


Khay’s cupcakes is located in front of DLSU Medical Center in Brgy. Burol, Dasmariñas. They deliver for a minimum of Php200. They sure like that number,don’t they?

Their facebook page is @Khay’s Desserts and Cupcakes. You can also check out their cupcake and cake photos on instagram: @khaysdesserts.

Can’t wait to make their cupcakes a staple on my weekend destress routine!


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