Quick beach trip to Boracay de Cavite


Boracay de Cavite or Katungkulan beach is one of the nearest beach escapades from Metro Manila. Just 1.5 hours away from Bacoor, you can opt for the Tagaytay Route and have breakfast with cool breeze while sipping Kapeng Barako. If going sans kiddies, you can take the Ternate Route and take an early hike up Pico de Loro which is easy to spot along the way.


It is located inside a marine base so there may be times while you’re driving where you end up thinking if waze wants to send you off a mountain. Haha. Kidding… but seriously after you pass by the Pico de Loro kickoff point there are winding roads beside mountainous forests that make you think, will this road ever end?

When you get to the marine base entrance which will be the only landmark in the vicinity, you just need to pay Php100 per head and drive another few minutes to get to the beach itself.


Parking is tough for latecomers but since we arrived at 8am, we had no trouble finding a spot. From the numerous travel articles I scoured the internet about Katungkulan beach, most mentioned that you should bring food so I was surprised to see that now they have a rotisserie and sari sari store. We also bought our own half filled 5 gallon water container but you can actually bring an empty one and have it refilled for Php50.

At the beach entrance, you need to rent a cottage for Php300- Php1300. Since we were the early birds, we were still able to avail the cheaper cottage (there are only 3 available). The more expensive ones are 1 br bamboo cottages that are small but better than camping out if you want to stay overnight. There are communal bathrooms available and while they are not the one star kind, they do well enough if you expected to rough it out before you get there.






Here is a list of the things you can do at Boracay de Cavite or Katungkulan Beach.:


  1. Hangout or better yet, nap on the beach


2. Make a sand castle.  Boracay de Cavite was named such because of its fine albeit greyish brown sand which is excellent for sand castle-making.



3. Bury half of your body in the sand. There is something about warm sand around your body that’s relaxing. It’s like nature’s unlimited spa experience.


I turned them into mermaids and they were so happy about it.


4.  Then take a dip to wash off the sand. Natural exfoliation.


5. Go seashell hunting. But of course –  don’t take any of them home with you.  I told my daughter the little fishies need the shells more than we do.




6.  Fly a kite. I actually made one and tried to fly it but because the kite I made from a salvaged umbrella didn’t have the right symmetry, it ended up turning to the right each time. It would have been cool to have a stick in the sand holding the kite while you nap on the beach. #goals


7. Do a coastal cleanup. I mean, can some organize this ASAP?! The beach was great but the previous beachgoers probably weren’t because this is very unacceptable.



8. Observe the turkeys, pigs, peacocks, and monkeys in the area.  You will readily see some of the at the entrance and along the road on the way to the beach. One of the marines at the outpost told us that if we looked up, we would have seen a dozen other monkeys in the trees. It could have been a planet of the apes-like experience. Some of the  monkeys supposedly got used to some visitors giving them snacks which shouldn’t be allowed because these are wild, non-domesticated animals that need to learn to find food themselves. We can note here though that the turkeys, pigs, and peacocks were the domesticated kind.






9. Go bird-watching. For bird enthusiasts, this place would be a hidden treasure. We were on our way home when we saw a bright blue bird with a yellow tip perched on one of the road barriers. It was so pretty, just the size of my palm. I wanted to stop and take photos but the kids were about to take their naps already and we needed to go home. I wonder what kind of bird it was.




10. Do a photo-marathon or take it up a notch and paint the scenery.  It’s amazing to see such a display of nature near the vicinity of Metro Manila. There were a lot of scenic and breathtaking views like this one that I would like to paint..you know, if I knew how to paint.


We still have some to scratch off our list for Boracay de Cavite. While it’s a downside that some visitors don’t know how to take their trash home after they enjoy the beach, I think Boracay de Cavite has lots to offer aside from swimming. I loved that it was a quick drive away and that the forests around it were beautifully preserved.

Now planning another trip to find that bird…but maybe after I build another kite that actually flies.

Thanks for reading! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Quick beach trip to Boracay de Cavite

  1. Do you by any chance have a phone number of a person who takes charge of the place? I saw a lot of pictures of this place a and plans to visit with my family over the weekend. I’m just worried about the facilities.

    • Nope sorry I don’t. The only facilities they have is the public restroom and some cottages. A group had a reunion going on while we were there with videoke/sound system though.

  2. Abi-the photos looks amazing!!! Thanks for the tips on what to do!!! They sound like a perfect date w the family!!!
    I would love to visit it one day.

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