Bridal Shower at I Do Nails

This January, I was a first-time matron-of-honor at my cousin’s wedding. Since she had a bunch of wedding coordinators, I wasn’t really needed to fulfill most of my matron-of-honor duties which meant that I had to pull off a great bridal shower party.*pressure*

I Do Nails was my first choice for the most obvious reason that it seems like the place someone would pamper a bride-to-be. We called them to make a reservation but they said none was needed and that we were allowed to bring in food and drinks for the bridal shower party. We didn’t ask if wine or champagne was allowed though. Planet Grapes is just a couple of doors down so we went for that afterwards.

I loved the ambience of the place when we got there, they had a mini reception area on the ground floor where you can pick the package you wanted. We went for the basic mani-pedi which was Php500. Just the pedicure would be Php300. You can view their service menu below which came from their facebook page here.


We were seated and prepped within 5 minutes. They started us out with a quick and relaxing warm soak.There were only 2 other customers when we arrived so I was able to convince my cousin to wear the tiara and bride-to-be sash that I prepared.

Just like they said, they allowed us a space to put the pizza, chicken, and salad that I brought. They had the movie 17 again showing on their wall mounted tv. It would have been good to have a photo slideshow there for the bride, don’t you think so?


Their service was quick and they used Orly nail polish which,looking at my toes now, looks okay even after three weeks..but then I always wear closed shoes so that could have helped.


(L) Pampered from hand to toe. (R) Bride-to-be opening gifts.

They had a number of nail technicians that could do both the manicure.and pedicure at the same time so we all had pretty nails in less than an hour. They were very courteous and didn’t rush us to leave even though they were already supposed to close up shop.

All in all, my first nail pampering experience at I Do Nails was great and I would go back even if it wasn’t for a bridal shower.

Here are some celebrity customers that I want to bump into on my next visit. Photos were taken from I Do Nails’ facebook page.



-Disclaimer: This is not a paid post but I wish it was. Haha.-


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