Congratulations Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!


Oh my you look loads better with less makeup.

Last December 21, my girlfriends and I had our eyes glued to the live screening of Ms. Universe. Some of them had trouble video streaming it live on the internet so I took some photos to give them the blow by blow account on our group chat.



We accepted it when Ms. Philippines was announced as 1st runner up because she was shorter than the other girls and the question asked during the final round wasn’t exactly one they were unprepared for.

The wrong announcement of the winner was embarrassing for everyone involved and we should move past  it with the same grace that Pia did.

Stop the negativity about the US bases answer. Stop it with the bashing of the other contestants and the emcee. Finally, stop with the issue the she is only half Filipino. Two days of that on my news feed is enough. You could not have done a better job on that stage than she did. Let’s just be happy that Philippines won the crown after 42 years.

So here goes my big congratulations to Ms. Pia Wurtzbach for representing and bringing home the bacon for the Philippines! It was a positive experience watching you and a great Christmas present indeed!


4 thoughts on “Congratulations Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach!

  1. I know the Philippines and Manila. My name will give you an explanation, I am a nephew of the Reverend Jesuit Father Pierre Tritz. ERDA and ERDAtech.

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