Passport unlocked!

We had been planning for the longest time to get the kids their passports and that meant getting multiple copies of their birth certificates  and our marriage certificates at the NSO.

Since I had to do the same- get my birth and marriage certificates to claim my 9 year old engineering license that was gathering cobwebs at the PRC, I spent half a day getting A LOT of copies so I did not have to come back for any certificate for the next year or so.

When I knew I had the necessary documents, I set up an appointment at the DFA Alabang, not only because it’s the nearest but also because it doesn’t get crowded during weekdays and the parking is convenient because it’s at the 4th floor of the Metro Department Store in Alabang Town Center. It’s hard to miss.



I checked the requirements MULTIPLE times and I saw this one (above) for a Notarized Affidavit of explanation. I was wondering if I would need it since only one of my kids were in school and none of them were above 8 years old. So if you’re confused on this one like me, for your convenient information, I didn’t need it. If you do need one there is a law office on the same floor where you can get your notarized letters.

The documents and cash I readied were:

(1) my childrens’ Original, NSO copy, birth certificates

(2) our NSO Marriage Certificate with photocopy (they asked for only one NSO copy and 1 photocopy when I submitted)

(3) photocopies of my passport (one for each child)

(4) Printed copies of the DFA appointment forms in LONG bond paper

(5) Php 950 per regular application which would take 15 business days; Php 1200 if rushed or if you need it claimed within 7 busniness days; Courier fee of Php 150 per application also applies if you don’t want to go back to pick the passport up.


The line was quick and the DFA employees were very efficient. They put us in the fast lane with the Senior Citizen folks and we were done in less than 2 hours, which was good because you get free 3 hours parking if you purchase anything in Metro Department Store or Supermarket for Php300.


They’re not supposed to smile for the camera so we took a few takes with my little girl until we were sure her teethy whites weren’t showing.

I docked the little ones in white collared shirts for their passport photos and I’m hoping they come out well. We’ll know when we get their passports next month!


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