Happy at Work, Happy at Home

Striking the balance between work and family can often be difficult for working mothers. A little encouragement goes a long way when when stress catches up with the daily routine.




While doing a little bit of early Christmas shopping, I found this book that I felt would be useful to a friend of mine who became a mom a year ago. The only problem was, I ALSO WANTED TO READ IT  🙂

The book is naturally filled with advice for working moms and has one chapter that focuses on the guilt that we deal with daily when we walk out the door to go to work which was exactly what I needed.

I loved that it features interviews with successful working moms who have found the right mix of work-family life. It does not fail to expose their weak moments and how they handled extreme pressure, be it in the workplace or during bath time with their toddlers.




I’d like to put some focus on the learning that I have put to heart while reading this book and that includes the 15 mantras in the photo above. When I got to number 9, I realized, I never thought of it that way. I would often guilt-trip when I sleep in or when I’d have that extra 30 minutes doing the grocery shopping just to get that cup of locally brewed coffee that I liked. We moms need to print this and stick it on the front of our planners. Seriously.

There was a time in my life when I would have been saved by the next list from this book. Hhmm…except for number 8, that hasn’t happened yet and I hope it never will. I could check off all 9 from this list back when I was breastfeeding my baby boy and my daughter was starting out in kindergarten. I would sleep only 3-4 hrs before I needed to pump or feed my little one. I had difficulty cherishing my time with my bundles of joy and my work life also suffered. But I’m glad we got over that and learned from it. I am happier now and less cranky. Sleeping in one day a week helps. My body clock always wakes me up after 5 hours of sleep but now I know it’s okay to get that extra 2 hours for my own health and sanity.


After putting the book down, I felt that these two Manhattan moms -Caitlin Friedman and Kimberly Yorio were those mom friends that we moms strive to find. They wouldn’t let us beat ourselves up about not cleaning that toilet or ordering out dinner because you want to enjoy the time to play with your kids. They would tell us that no mom is perfect but if you do things with love and with the best of intentions for your family, you’re on the right track.

In case you get that one day when things don’t go so well at home or at work, read the Working Mom Mantra and know that it’s all good.

You’re doing the best you can and that’s plenty enough.


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