My Little Cleopatra- DIY costume

United Nations day is one of the events at my daughter’s school wherein parents get to flaunt their ability to buy their kids extravagant National Costumes of different countries; or if they were in any way as frugal as me,  they would willingly showcase their no-sew DIY skills.

What you need:
1 can of gold spray paint
Old ID lanyards
Old buttons, beads, buttons
2 tissue cores
1 old chunky necklace
1 old scoop neckline shirt or dress
1 white dress
Glue stick/gun
Black marker
Black eyeliner
Gold eyeshadow


First, I gathered all the scrap craft items i could find and googled “DIY Egyptian costume” multiple times.

Then I went for a quick errand to the nearby home depot that wasn’t quick at all because I ended up checking out these Murphy beds that just arrived. I also saw these glass tiles that would look great on my new kitchen. Eventually I found the aisle where the cans of spray paint were stacked and bought a can for Php139.

When the kids went to bed, I took an old carton box,put it on the floor, and spray painted the buttons, tissue cores, and the old lanyards.

I cut the scoop collar out from my daughter’s torn out dress and spray painted that as well.


I also took a cut-out of the sleeve of my old satin blouse that would serve as the belt accessory, be sure to follow the recommended heptagonal shape. Then I spray painted the middle part, using a piece of carton to cover up the sides.

Here is when the black marker comes in handy – I drew on the painted part to make the black borders on the giant scoop necklace then also created a black design on the belt accessory (see photo).


When you already have the gold stuff ready, have your glue gun handy and heated. Glue the button, beads and ribbon or gold lanyard to the cuff to decorate it. Attach the belt accessory to a lanyard that will serve as your gold belt. Decorate the belt and neck accessories with beads as well.

Also, I took the train from my daughter’s previous halloween’s frozen inspired dress, then glued the cuffs and scoop necklace.

My daughter wore it with a white dress and the mandatory flag of the country represented. Other kids also wore a sash with the name of the country, obviously, I forgot she needed to have that as well. She was happy and loved that I put a bit of eyeliner/gold eyeshadow on her and braided tiny portions of her hair.


She loved it so much, she chose to wear it at our office trick or treat event instead of the Rapunzel costume. When she was asked which princess she was, she’d answer “I’m Queen Cleopatra.”

Hope you love this DIY as much as my little one did!



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