Sunday Foodfare at Starmall Prima

Sunday dinners for working moms usually mean dining out. This newly opened mall, Starmall Prima has had weekend bazaars and Baga Manila food carts since October and has been my go-to place for varied dinner options for our family’s varied tastes.

The mall is quite spacious and some establishments have opened up,most notably, the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf that has its own drive-thru. Parking gets tough after 7pm so it’s best to come early.


I am loving the healthy food offerings esp the Grilled Cheeseburger that go for as low as Php60 ala carte and the Tacos that are overflowing with veggies at a shocking price of Php50. Forget those expensive milktea shops, I paired it with one that was only Php60.






My little ones,on the other hand favored the dimsum and stir fried vegetables. The hakaw and spareribs were a definite steal at only Php80.




They especially loved the fresh lemon juice that was only Php35.


The service was relatively quick considering these are food stalls and the crowd was building up. We had a hard time finding a table the last time we went but the world does not lack nice people that are willing to share. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a hungry 2 year old toddler to help secure a spot instantly.


Oh, this post is making me salivate for those burgers. To clarify, this is a late post, and the last time we went there was two Sundays ago.

I will be back this weekend, Baga Manila! Hope the parking will be better then.


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