The circus has begun #VotePH2016

Today is the first day of filing of the Certificate of Candidacy for the Philippines’ 2016 Elections also known as ….. a freakin’ circus! I kid you not, it is an actual circus. see it for yourself in the video below. Did any lunatic asylums lose some inmates?

So before we get tired of the endless Marcos exposés inspiring the hashtag #neveragain. I am putting here some of those I have only learned about only recently (will add more if my facebook wall gets too congested).

Before we are sucked in by fake news from supposedly reliable sources -saying that Duterte will run for President.

And lastly, before we forget that all of the people in this photo have been arrested for plunder or were part of the Martial Law that left us with debt that we are paying with 32% of our income until 2025.

Imelda-the reason why the Beatles hated the Philppines for starters, 
Bongbong and his fake Oxford degree,
Enrile’s arrest for plunder ,
Erap’s arrest for plunder which are just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why none of them should be elected into public office EVER AGAIN

Please do not forget to register yourself as a voter before October ends. Do it for our kids. Do it for the change that we want to happen. Do it because if you don’t, someone else will vote using your name. Do it before psychos take over this fun house we call home.

Click photo for more info.