Titas Brunching at the Holiday Inn

My Sundays are pretty jam-packed.

So when my friends planned a triple birthday brunch due to this deal grocer coupon on the new breakfast buffet at Flavors, Holiday Inn, Makati, I was psyched to have a quick catch-up chat-up over brunch. Since this was a triple birthday, we couldn’t pass up the chance for a themed get-together. Nope, it’s not Floral Sunday, it’s tita’s who brunch inspired by the book “Life According to Tita”, a compilation of tweets by @titasofmanila.


The buffet started at 8 but since I had church choir duties at 7 am – 8 am, we arrived at 9 am. We had one hour left to devour an array of breakfast dishes, and the most important highlight of my every day –  coffee. Like a normal mom of two, I inevitably forgot to take photos because I didn’t think of putting up any kind of review. I’m a clever blogger like that. But now it’s 2 am, can’t sleep and I’m looking at these photos and they are just too good not to post.

Parking was hassle-free because the place was very easy to find as it was just beside Glorietta 2 and shared the same basement parking as the mall. You just have to tell the guard you’re going to the hotel so that you can conveniently park near the elevators that go up directly to the lobby at the 4th floor, which is where they hold their breakfast buffet – Flavors.


Mmmm, bacon!

The spread they had at the buffet was quite varied, they had sushi, marsala, chicken curry, chicken tocino, chicken and pork sausages, croissants, different kinds of bread, chocolate eclairs, french toast, waffles, ,pancakes, steamed rice, garlice rice, pancit sotanghon, asian noodle soup, assorted fresh juices, fresh fruits, a selection of tea bags, a mini deli and your choice of egg (scrambled, sunny side up, omelet).  Whew! Those are all I could remember.


Tried to put my two year old in the high chair but to no avail, he was running around a few minutes after.

The lobby was fully packed, there was no empty table but the place was comfortable enough not to feel crowded. They had a play area for the kids which was great and they had high chairs available for dining toddlers.


My kids loved this playhouse and I loved it because I could eat in peace while their dad watched them play (we took turns).

The service was excellent. Anything we asked for would arrive in under 3 minutes, coffee, water, an extra fork, extra milk, cornflakes, and even chicken sausages which they ran out on but were kind enough to give me 6 pork sausages that I of course could not eat all at once so they packed it up in a nice microwaveable for me. Yes, I am shameless but they cooked it and served it to us, would be a waste to throw it away (or whatever they do to rejected food).

The buffet ended and it was already 11 am and we were still chatting, drinking the last bits of our coffee, and waiting for our friend to arrive from the airport. The staff had already packed away the other tables and the lobby looked like a hotel lobby again. They didn’t rush us or ask us to leave, which was nice.


To sum it up, I am a breakfast person.  If I have breakfast foodstuff for lunch on a Sunday, it means I don’t need to cook so that’s a win. If I have breakfast  items for brunch, out and I don’t have to move a muscle except to pick a plate up, that’s a win-win in my book. I would go back to Flavors for brunch with the family, not only because it was 30% off and BOTH my kids eat free (6yo and below) but because it was quite a good experience for us.

*photos courtesy of Al Lagura


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