Nuggets of Wisdom for Aspiring teachers

Before I go to my teaching demo, I give you this list I have been keeping close to my heart these past weeks while I contemplated on accepting a part time teaching post at Emilio Aguinaldo College(EAC) next semester.

Lolo Madz which you may know from my previous post has had, in his own words,  “a checkered career from Mechanical Eng’g to Nuclear Eng’g  to Industrial Systems Eng’g& Management, devoting my lifetime career in the University of the Philippines”.

When I met him with his family for lunch on his birthday, I grabbed the opportune moment to ask for advice he might give someone who aspires to join the academe and these are his nuggets of wisdom, featuring gifs, videos, comic strips and memes that are just precious.

To all aspiring to join the teaching profession, read on and be enlightened.


  1. Go for it. It is a rewarding and fulfilling profession.



  1. Teaching is a commitment because your hours don’t end when you exit the classroom. There are papers to check, lessons to study, class materials to prepare.


  1. Know your students. His memory is as sharp as a samurai with the same precision. He still knows all his past students’ names as well as middle names.


  1. Keep studying. In the upcoming UP Gears and Pinions 60th anniversary, his video message sends out this message, “As we mature beyond 60, learning must never cease. Let us continue learning more & more about things we know now and more importantly, learn about things we do not know anything about.  Let us expand our horizons by doing things better and doing better things in new areas as well.   And as we very well know, learning has become much more FUN in this Age of Information!”



  1. You need to have passion to go into the teaching profession.  (Teachers aren’t paid very much, if you didn’t know. That’s why it’s good we have number 6…)



  1. Being active in the academe improves your credibility for consultancy opportunities.


  1. Try to get some funding. You can’t teach the same subjects you taught 10 years ago. Invest in new age technologies/laboratories relevant to your field.


  1. Teach so you can spend time with your kids. You can enroll your kids in the same university you teach in and have your classes the same time as theirs so you drop them off and pick them up everyday.


  1. Patience is key. You need it for when you get someone who’s a heckler like Spicoli in your class. You also need to watch out for know-it-alls and complainers and learn to handle them accordingly.


  1. It’s the “noblest profession” for good reason! The teacher shapes the FUTURE through the molding of the minds of the next generations! What loftier goal can a person have?



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