Heroes Reborn, Like a Phoenix From the Ashes


In a Nutshell

Heroes Reborn is a mini-series continuation of the original Heroes TV Series. To get that confused look out of your pretty face, please be informed that this series DOES NOT pick up immediately from where the original Heroes TV Series left off. This was the part that got me so confused. I do not think I missed it from the two part episode premiere, but when I got to the third episode and still June 13th was mentioned to be a year before the current time,I concluded to myself that this new series and the last one are not meant to be successive happenings. There are events in between that are not yet shown to us viewers. That explains how Molly Walker got from this

     to this     .

The third episode is out and is being shown on FOX locally, same time as the US screening.

We all know how the original Heroes series became messy when it concluded its final season. To refresh your memory, here’s an excerpt of how the Heroes were revealed to the masses:

Heroes Reborn plays on that and tells the story of how EVOs or evolved humans are being dealt with.


Tim Kring, the original series creator,writes the first episode of Heroes Reborn. He won the first ever International Digital Emmy Award in 2010 for his work on Heroes. The series was Television Critics Association’s 2007 Program of the Year and People’s Choice Awardees in 2007 and 2009.

Just take my word for it, it was a fantastic show.

Who to watch out for

Formerly famously known  in the TV world as Chuck, Zachary Levi shows his dark side as a dad who  lost a son to these EVOs but finds out he is an EVO himself.

Good Ol’ Chuck Bartowksi who wouldn’t even hold a gun to kill someone. Image Credit

Image Credit Now we all know how Chuck’s dark side looks like.

Why I can’t get enough of it

Initially I felt it was all over the place, they were showing these new characters with new powers, immediately after FOX does a four season marathon before the big reveal of Heroes Reborn.

Out of these new characters, one of them I couldn’t understand, she could transport herself into a computer game, to say the least and kicks a*s like the next Lucy Lui. After the third episode though, my faith in Heroes has been revived, I can’t wait for next week to know what happens next.

Do not touch my sword! Image Credit







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