Get inspired at the National Museum

Last summer, my goal was to have a weekly learning activity for my daughter wherein I made this calendar.

Out of all the activities we listed here, the ones we were able to do were – we went swimming at the clubhouse pool twice, we visited the UP Observatory, we read about Fossils, went to the beach in Batangas, played with the Density of  Fluids…we came close but not quite.


Of course we didn’t complete ALL of the activities as planned but we were able to do most of them. The ones we regret not being able to complete the most were the zoo visit and kite-flying.

On the bright side, she was able to visit the National Museum for the first time with her dad. I decided to stay home that time to breastfeed my son.


She was fascinated by excavations of pottery, fossils – a whole peek into history that broadened her mind.  Watercolor painting became her favorite pastime last summer, possibly due to the inspiration she acquired from these award winning works of art.


National Museum’s Hall of Masters: Spoliarium by Juan Luna Y Novicio


National Museum’s Hall of Masters: Felix Ressurreccion Hildalgo – El Asesinato del Gobernador Bustamante (The Assassination of Governor Bustamante)

I hope to someday put her sketches and her dad’s (we only have one framed, I have to find the others) on our wall like this lovely display of Fernando Amorsolo’s early works.

Image Credit –  Sketches by Fernando Amorsolo

The part she as so excited about was the planetarium, sadly it was closed when she and her dad visited. The good news is, the National Museum and Planetarium, in celebration of the Museum and Galleries month, are offering FREE admission for the entire month.

Time to call them to book the “Journey to the Solar System” showing for my little kiddies!


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