Oregano – bye bye cough!

Whenever the rainy season sets in, the season for cough and colds come with it. My little ones both have colds, and eventually they were coughing through the night.

Bye bye coughing fits!

Since the last time when their coughing wasn’t fixed by cough syrups and ventolin nebules, I have resorted to using Oregano which has been more effective in alleviating their coughing fits. I have three potted Oregano plants now and give my friends plants when they need it. This local version of Oregano is very easy to take care of.

Bye bye sleepless nights!

Oregano has a strong aroma that transfers immediately to your fingers when you touch it. Some people use it for cooking, but I haven’t tried that yet.  I learned from World’s healthiest foods that it is also called wild marjoram and is a good source of potassium.

imageThe first time I let my daughter try it, she told me it tastes like a leaf.

It’s very different from the usual cough syrup flavors which are very strong, minty, and sweet. She got used to the taste after a while and it works like a charm each time.


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