Putting Two and Two Together

My daughter is now in kindergarten and is very interested in trying out a lot of things. She is still learning to read but she absolutely likes counting to 100. Her interest in Math is something I want to encourage so I tried one time to teach her addition.

I have had this workbook – Kindergarten 2 Mathematics Worksheets Revised Edition by Kimberly Teh and I skipped teaching her the addition and we covered only the counting part at first. I know kids learn faster while they’re younger so  thought I would take advantage of that and tried to teach her addition of numbers from 1-5 through finger counting.

Then I found out she already did those skipped pages with her Lolo (Grandpa).




Constant reinforcement is needed when teaching these little ones so I give her “games” on sheets of paper. Yes, I call them games and she thinks they ARE games.


Just today Iet her try addition games online on mathplayground.com

The time limit in this one was giving her too much suspense. =D


This one is more repetitive yet enjoyable and she ended up memorizing that 7+1 and 4+4 equals 8.

This one is a little harder because it includes numbers up to 20 but still quite enjoyable.

I am hoping she won’t forget these and that we would be able to practice it on paper at least twice a week. I’m not sure if it would interfere with her learning to read because the last time we tried out Kumon, they told us they recommended to complete the learning to read part first before enrolling in the math program. Eventually we took her out of the Kumon reading program and hired a private tutor that she was already comfortable with instead – her nursery teacher.

There are a lot more resources online like this one that I would like to try out soon =D

Great cars game that incorporates addition and fun! Click to view.

If you have tips for me on how to go about this and if you want to share how you introduced math to your daughter, feel free to comment!


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