Art Attack Finger Puppets


Whenever I watch Disney’s Attack and then my daughter says,

“Let’s do that, mommy!”

Something inside me wants to crawl into a dark pit and hide. Art attack makes everything look so easy to make and perfectly done, it just makes crafting a little bit harder for us gorgeously crafty moms. This is why I appreciate this little ready to sew DIY packet of finger puppets.

Get your sewing needle ready!

Full disclosure, I already did the elephant some months ago and I thought  it was tedious so I told myself, “I’ll do the others tomorrow.” I guess that tomorrow came 8 months later (Hello, ultimate procrastination!). That being said, it’s why some pieces are missing and the packaging and instructions are all folded up. It came with rolled up thread in the recommended colors which I lost along with the black pieces for the eyes so I made use of the plastic eyes again this time. Much like I did with our KoKoRu animals –  further proof that these plastic eyes could be a crafty mom’s best friend. The hen’s red cockscomb also got lost so I cut up a little piece of red paper into a makeshift one.

I just couldn’t say no when my daughter found it in its very effective hiding place and asked me to sew it for her. Sewing is not my strongest forte so I definitely needed motivation. I know I sucked at it in those home economics classes we had in elementary school. We had a cross stitching project in first year high school and I sew a quote instead of an actual image.

The other good thing about this Art Attack Finger Dolls DIY pack is that it also comes with instructions on how to put the pieces together, as seen in the next two photos –

 It took me about 20 minutes to sew a finger doll and tons of patience.

I decided to make two so that my kids each get one and then I put it where they could see it when they wake up so they had a big surprise waiting for them. =)

Hello Lion! Hello Hen!

My 2 year old boy loved the lion and chased her sister around screaming “Roar!” =D

What do you think? Will your kids like these finger dolls as well?


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