Zombie Apocalypse – Are you prepared enough?

In a Nutshell

The Original Walking Dead series started with Rick waking up from a coma in an abandoned hospital. The spin-off series, Fear the Walking dead starts with this guy-

Okay, so he is a shirtless crackhead who woke up in a forgotten-church-turned-crack-den and runs for his life after witnessing his female drug buddy turned into a zombie. You can see, the impact is lost there. Rick wins that imaginary fight.

The second episode is already out and shows us the scenarios leading up to Doomsday, everything Tobias, who I thought would die in the first episode, warned us about. The story covers the morality that we compromise when we find ourselves suddenly in a “it’s us or them” situation.

The first two episodes makes you think – Holy sh**, doomsday is here, what do I do? Do I have enough food for my family? Do I know how to protect them? This is what’s going through Madison’s mind, a single mother with a junkie for a son and a teenage daughter who is just eager to go away to college.
I’m just thinking now,why didn’t they take the cafeteria food? Did nobody think to consider that the school is a way better option than the desert?

Who to watch out for

Despite the weak opening, the characters are strong and memorable. I am eager to know what happens next. Two of them have just killed or tried to kill their first zombies.

Everyone is just about turning into one and Madison is lost without her partner who tells her to go ahead into the desert and they will find each other soon. What do you do, Madison?

Why I can’t get enough of it

It’s quite early to say now if I am able to get enough of it but I think I’m going to watch out for the next episode which comes out on Sept 13 and see how it goes for two or three more episodes.

My friends and I have a zombie apocalypse plan with meetup points, emergency supplies stashed up, and a list of who we rally with in case a doomsday event happens. Practical because we are in Manila and super typhoons happen a few times in a year but who knows when the zombie apocalypse will come for all of us. I think I’m ready. Are you?


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