KoKoRu Animal Creations

KoKuRu is colored corrugated paper that comes in strips or A4 size that is excellent for use in creating 2d and 3d figures.

What you need to complete your first KoKoRu Animal is KoKoRu Paper and plastic eyes. Crafty mommies can never have too many plastic eyes. You also need your trusty glue gun. Gel glue in a stick will do but it takes some hours to dry up. Word to the wise,  “Hours” and “Toddlers” just don’t go well together. Also, the outcome when you use Gel glue in a stick is not as sturdy as when you use the glue gun.


The KoKoRu comes in a package with instructions and samples of what your kid and what his/her imagination can create.

The 3d Dolphin was appealing but I knew it was challenging for a beginner like me so we stuck with the frog and the hippo.

I used Gel glue in a stick because using the glue gun with toddlers and little experience can become problematic. My kids had a LOT OF FUN rolling up the paper strips and ended up with sticky fingers so it was good we did the crafting before bath time.

I set the animal faces aside and told my daughter she can play with them after she comes back from school (about 4 hours).

Froggy and Hippo says hello!

My daughter was also able to use KoKoRu paper in school and here are some of the “gifts” the teachers let them take home to their parents. They are just too adorable!

KoKoRu pencil topper giveaways


KoKoRu caterpillar

For more KoKoRu samples you and your kid can make, visit KoKoRu’s gallery here.


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