Ten Things We All Learned from Selfie

In a Nutshell

Selfie is a TV Series with a simple storyline where two friends can’t help but fall for each other. The story was bordering on a will they- won’t they debacle when it was cancelled.

As Selfie’s wikia puts it , “One lonely day, Eliza realizes that she doesn’t have the type of life that she wants. Despite the online attention, she doesn’t have anyone in real life to share the staged good times with and have actual good times with, so she enlists the help of marketing guru and buttoned up co-worker, Henry, to ‘rebrand’ herself and her reputation. In return, Eliza flirtatiously offers to do “almost anything.” used to her outrageousness being met with fawning, but Henry just blushes and insists their relationship is strictly business. Loosely based on My Fair Lady, Selfie explores the modern struggles of Eliza and Henry, as he tries to teach her how to live life offline- whether she ‘likes’ it or not.”


Emily Kapnek was also behind the retired TV series “Suburgatory” which coincidentally, also features a redhead as the female protagonist. She’s a three time Emmy nominee for her work on an animated Nickelodeon TV series “As Told by Ginger” and twice nominated by the Writer’s Guild of America for her work on Parks and Recreation and the 2010 HBO TV series, Hung. While I also watched Suburgatory before it culminated on its third season, I think Selfie is her best creation yet. It’s just too bad they weren’t able to think of a better title.

Who to watch out for

Karen Gillan plays the formerly insecure high school nerd turned into a famewhoring insta-celebrity. She gets a life changing experience after she becomes one of “the stupid idiots” she spent years laughing at on the internet.  Her character is a bit annoying at first but bit by bit, she improves on herself with the help of Henry Higgs, an expert at marketing tranformations. Henry ends up being the only (and I mean singular) real friend Eliza has inspite of having hundreds of thousands of friends and followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Why I can’t get enough of it

It is quite clever that they came up with an actual facebook page, instagram and twitter account for Eliza Dooley.

It’s a shame the series wrapped up even before Henry and Eliza could figure things out, the chemistry there was just undeniable. Some people may not agree but I thought the jokes were smart and up to date. It addresses MOST of the nuances we have these days due to the social media age wherein people tend to forget the more important things in life and where instant gratification is an everyday need.

This is one TV show that I could watch over and over again and not get tired of.  No one can deny that this was one of the best new shows that came our in 2014 and it was a huge shame it wasn’t picked up for at least another season.

So, because I loved it too much and it ended too soon, here’s the ten things we could all learn from Eliza and Henry.

1. Henry: “Medium rainfall on roof with medium over spill from gutter – You think you’re getting it, but you are in fact missing it.” So put the phone down and cherish the moment.  (Image Credit)

2. Eliza : Because I’m not a dude in a suit you can’t imagine that he would reward my flawless track record by making me..say…Director of Sales?
Henry: This is not about you being a dude in a suit.
Eliza : Indeed, henceforth, ergo, I should be promoted.

I am loving Eliza’s display of women empowerment in the workplace, kinda sucks that her success IS based on her looks since she works in Sales. Nonetheless, in this episode, she drives the point home, women can be and are leaders in the workplace; our gender and looks shouldn’t be the basis of our success.


But you know, in real life, IT IS about you not being a dude in a suit.

3. You have to foster other interests, varied interests. Find a hobby. Join a club. 

In other words, don’t be that boring person who spends all their time online and forgets to do REAL things with REAL people.

(Image Credit)

The almost Jerry Maguire moment.

4. Eliza says, “You really have no idea how the internet works”. After Henry tries to delete an embarrassing Youtube video of himself jamming at a Blues Traveler concert, he then ends up tweeting it to 200,000+ of Eliza’s followers. Save yourself from being the next viral sensation by at least knowing how some of it works. (Image Credit)

5. The internet is all about illusions,girl. So don’t believe everything you see online. (Image Credit)

6. Eat it, don’t tweet it. Put the phone down when you’re dining out with someone.

7. We all get into embarrassing situations. So in the pilot episode when Eliza had to wear a few in-flight blankets because she had food poisoning while travelling, she basically worked it. Believe you me when I say that nobody pays attention to you, everyone is busy with their own lives.

But…she must have smelled like vomit.

8. Eliza: My relationship with my phone is pretty serious. I eat, sleep, breathe it. It keeps me level. But being close to my phone is what’s keeping me from non-phones, like people.

Don’t let your relationship with your phone get in the way of horseback riding under the moonlight. (Image Credit)

9. Tell your guy exactly what you want. Don’t dance around waiting for guys to figure things out. This one I also learned from Marriage 101.

10.  Follow through on your good ideas.

Check out Eliza Dooley’s gif filled tumblr – the-doolio-selfie.tumblr.com

Henry and I are going to be together. (Image Credit)

If you are also a fan of the show or on the way to becoming one, please share this with #saveSelfie. Fans made it work for Veronica Mars, it’s Eliza Dooley’s time to shine.


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