TV series this 90’s kid loved

In no particular order, here are some TV shows I loved watching when I was young. I would lay out my homework in front of the TV and do them during commercial breaks. Why were TV series just better in the 90’s? Seems these days most shows are short-lived or revamped versions of the old ones.
Did you catch any of these in the 90’s?

My So-Called Life (reruns)

I liked Claire Danes in this one. I didn’t like Jordan Catalano(Jared Leto’s character). I think it was because I thought Angela was too good for him. It was just interesting to be in high school and watching a series about the dark perils of high school. It was like learning from the characters’ mistakes.CLAIRE DANES, JASON LETO

Doogie Howser M.D. (first season reruns)

I am specifying that I watched reruns here because I know I didn’t watch much tv while I was in elementary school and checking IMDB, the first season came out in the late 80’s when I was still a toddler. I loved this show because doogie would “write” his diary on his computer, seems he was the first blogger I ever knew.

Seventh Heaven

I feel like this was always on tv in the 90’s and most of us watched Ruthie grow up from her toddler years until she was in high school.

Dawson’s Creek

Who didn’t love Joey and her rendition of “On My Own”? This was such a hit that a local teledrama was created called “Tabing-Ilog”.

Clarissa Explains it All

Because – Melissa Joan Hart. She was just funny with her sarcastic humor and the little fights she has with her brother.

Ally McBeal

Ah I loved the scenes when she would talk to herself. It was unique to see someone so successful so unsure of almost everything due to her imagination/hallucinations. I thought Peter MacNicol was too funny with his eccentric antics.

Alex Mack

A teenager with secret powers -enough said…


Daria was just like a friend I wanted to pick up from her cynicism. She was someone I wanted to relate to, but didn’t have enough negativity. Haha. I loved her because she was smart and this was the first view I had of a satirical comedy.

Will and Grace

This series just makes you wish you had a gay friend you could make a pact with and have a baby with if Mr. Right gets lost along the way. I loved Sean Hayes in this one, too bad his next TV Comedy series, Sean Saves The World wasn’t as successful.

The Wonder Years (last season)

Something about this series was heartwarming. I think I liked it when the characters would voice over their thoughts. Brings you closer to their persona. That bit may have been overused in that era but the new TV series “Awkward” uses the same mechanism and it’s quite successful in making the viewers know how the lead feels in the situations she finds herself in.

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6 thoughts on “TV series this 90’s kid loved

  1. Kmi naman:
    – beavis and butt-man
    – mtv celebrity death match
    – he-man
    – bioman
    – volron
    – mask rider black
    – conan the barbarian
    – twilight zone
    – shaider
    – lupin the III

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