The guy who killed Starbucks and for a good reason

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Why this will be the last Starbucks I drink.. <– Click here to see the original and well researched post by JL Pattison

As IT Professionals that work on whichever shift for whatever projects / accounts we work on, Starbucks is pretty much a daily staple in our lives.

This is the reason why I was shocked to learn about them funding Planned Parenthood, the organization well renowned for supporting abortion and selling baby parts “for science”. Read it and decide for yourself.

Would you like the money you spent on coffee to be spent on “research” utilizing aborted babies?


My little boy on his first day out of the womb. This is what babies look like in case most of you are unsure. They are adorable little angels.


6 thoughts on “The guy who killed Starbucks and for a good reason

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