Revisiting Anne of Green Gables

This is one story I’ve read many times when I was young, probably even the first book series I’ve completed.

I love the way landscapes and personalities are elaborated on in L.M. Montgomery’s writing, it plainly paints a picture in your head, which for a ten year old was a little piece of heaven. I’ve been listening to this audiobook in between meetings while working this weekend (sucks but I try to keep it light and positive).

In case you haven’t read it yet, or any of the classics which I’m trying to brush up on for those nonexistent, artsy, old world dinner parties, click on the photo above to visit Librivox for FREE audiobooks and ebooks.


3 thoughts on “Revisiting Anne of Green Gables

  1. This has been living on my kindle for ages, now. I should really get around to reading it soon, haha!

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