Pretty Little Liars, what happened?!

I’ve stuck to the plot since day 1 (120 episodes earlier). I continued to watch partly because the girls wear stuff I wish I could wear myself, and held out to find out who “A” is. But when it got to season six, I was only able to watch the first few episodes then got too busy and lost a little bit of interest in being up to date with it. While channel surfing during breakfast last week, I suddenly found CeCe revealing herself as “A”. My brain exploded a little. 

When I got over the initial excitement that finally after dilly-dallying with us viewers for six years,  “A” is revealed. Like most people, I tried to follow the reasoning to accept in my mind that CeCe was indeed, “A”.

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Then the disappointment came. It WAS creative to have a male antagonist turn out to be female and in plain sight the WHOLE f**ing time but after a few minutes of it sinking in, and after CeCe got down from the ledge/decided not to kill herself, I couldn’t help but feel that this was being forced down my throat. My gag reflex would not have any of it.

It was clever because the audience has built a trusting relationship (Yes, I’m THAT invested in this) with Cece as she has been shown to us many times over the seasons but I can’t help but feel that this is much like the Gossip Girl reveal all over again.*Curls up in the corner and repeats to self,”please make it go away”*


After the wordy explanations, a flash-forward five years into the future shows us that there again is another “A” plaguing the now married Alison DiLaurentis-Rollins and the girls have come back to Rosewood to help her. I am left speechless I. Marlene King.


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