Man Seeking Woman


In a Nutshell

Man seeking woman is a satirical look into the dynamics of dating and finding “the one”. The show follows the protagonist – Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) who has just broken up with his long term girlfriend. He goes on a blind date with
a troll, finds himself in a party with an ex and a current boyfriend he couldn’t measure up to, finds someone to love only to be seduce by hot  aliens (because committed men are irresistable), he goes on a wedding in hell (again his ex is there with a partner), and finally he finds the catch of his life in Minka Kelly, only to lose her 10 seconds after breaking up with her. LITERALLY.


The show is quite a new look into dating and is classified by the ever reliable Wikipedia as “surreal comedy”. Calling it a romantic comedy is selling it short. I know you might think that I live in a cave, but to me, this show is the first of it’s kind because it just takes everyday situations that should be very relatable and exaggerates every part of it. That’s what makes it so funny.

Man seeking woman is the brainchild of Simon Rich, author of Last Girlfriend on Earth. He was the youngest writer on SNL, published his first book, Elliot Alagash at the young age of 25, and now created and produced his own show at only 31 years old. Yes I’m a fangirl and I’m buying his books this weekend.

Call me a lazy person, but these days, I like to watch to movie/show first then read the book. I think the last time I read the book before the movie was for “The Hobbit” and even then I read The Hobbit five to six years before the movie came out. It’s hard to find time these days, which is why I appreciate shows or movies that elevate the book it is based on, and in turn make the viewers want to buy the book and get more of the story.

Who to Watch out For

Jay Baruchel plays Josh Greenberg like his usual awkward self as we have seen in She’s Out of my League and Knocked Up. He’s the straight man to Eric André‘s Mike, who is the man’s man and throughout the series acts as his best friend/wing man. You must have seen Eric n the other comedy tv series,  Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 and  2 Broke Girls – reference necessary here because I love those two other shows. Eric brought the comedy up a notch, not only because of his back nudity while he performed fellatio on an alien mastermind, but also because of the wildness of his character against Jay’s Josh who (we) all nerds can most relate to.

Why I cant Get Enough of it

While I was slightly offended by the first episode wherein Josh dates a troll and no, it’s not because I’m a troll myself, but because it somehow objectified women. I gave the show a chance and couldn’t help but watch it til the end because of its intelligent humor. I agree with when it described Simon Rich’s pieces as “hugely insightful”.

In an interview with Simon Rich he said he was worried that the viewers wouldn’t be able to get immediately what kind of show it is and the kind of comedy it presents but the reception was better than they anticipated. I guess viewers are a little bit more intelligent than they thought.

Man Seeking Woman is renewed for another 10 episode season, coming in 2016.

Anyone who’s brokenhearted or recovering from a breakup should watch this. You’ll heal right up when you get to the end.


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