Ced – Service Delivery Leader

Ced, to sum it up, is my boss’ boss.

In our last company coffee talk (it’s a fancy word for general assembly with fancy food), he opened up on his experience in the almost 1.5 decades he has spent working in the industry by sharing the top ten phrases he repeatedly used to get to his current status in the company. I must say it is spot on. Very Inspirational.

So when I got stuck in the elevator ALONE with him,I thought it was the universe’s way of telling me to get his approval on posting this. And I did.


I must say, being alone in the elevator with your boss and forcing yourself to strike a conversation is awkward but doing that with you boss’s boss is something of another level. But I got through it. *whew* Firstly I acted like I knew him (duh!) and said, “hey thanks for emailing the slides on the top ten you shared in the coffee talk”. He smiled and nodded.Then I straight on asked if I could share it on my blog. He was enthusiastic and asked me to send him a link to the post. *Victory dance in my head* We were already on the ground floor by then and I said, “sure, I’ll send it!“.

So here it is,  Ced’s Top Ten Phrases to Repeatedly Use to Become The Man (or Woman) in wherever you are currently employed:











This last slide had a quirky photo of him on it which he asked me to remove before he said yes. He explained in our coffee talk that one should always give credit where credit is due. Or something to that effect. I’ve had an epidural a couple of times in my life, so sue me if I forget things.

Seriously, in that light I want to shout out a big thanks to Ced – for not thinking I am a crazy person talking to him out of the blue while we were alone in the elevator,and for inspiring us to be better at the jobs we do. “THANKS!”


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