Thessa – Talented Artist and future Architect

Thessa is an 18 year old Architecture student at one of the prestigious universities in Manila. In her free time, she is a church pianist, psalmist and soprano chorister. She is one multi-talented power female and she expresses herself through her digital artwork. She is an inspiring teenager and I want to share where she draws the energy and inspiration to be so good at what she does at such a young age.
* That is not Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, that’s the Elven Inquisitor.
Get yourself out of your Game of Thrones hangover, will you?

What according to you, is the purpose of your existence?

Not to sound crazy, but my existence is nothing but dust flying in a sandstorm hoping to land on a desert where nothing but sand waits.
If the reader understands my meaning, you are human (and much clever than you think, yes Thessa I added this, I am not editing this out, haha). My existence has a purpose. A purpose normal like any human has; to express my thoughts, feelings and to find something that I have any relation to.
To exist is to make a change, to have an effect or to be affected by the social surroundings. Although I, myself, have times that I lock myself in a room for days just to paint, my art will soon affect someone once I let it out on social media, whether positively or negatively. How they react to it, is my life. How they notice it, is my existence. So my existence means to leave an imprint like other artists do.
What do you think you are here on earth to do? 
I am here on Earth to praise my God. A very religious thing to say, yes? But art has temptations.
It began when life started and no end unless everything ends. Art is the godliness and the evilness any person can think of so when I start to sketch, I always keep in mind to balance those two out.
My art may not be as great as the renaissance artists’ art, however, my expressions does not limit me between what I think I can draw and what I try to experiment with. Art is life: it should not have an end nor should it because it is ethereally what my God (as I understand there might be other people who practice different religions so their God might be substituted) has created this realm with: a world full of wonders and our senses for us to experience it.
What words of advice would you give to an aspiring artist just starting out?
You are your own art. For starters, there are many great artists that have talent in such: painting, drawing, colouring, scheming, etc… but they all began in interest. Then comes aspiring. Then comes  originality. And finally, you start all over again. Life does not end like a book.
If you die, life for others keeps going. It does not just end just because of one’s perspective. THAT is ART.
Just because you learned something and mastered it, does not mean it’s the end. What I am saying is a pattern. A cycle, maybe. But once you reach what looks like a dead end, you always turn around to find something of interest.
Now I’m not saying art always goes boom, but it depends on the persona how he or she practices it. It could be anything. But it doesn’t end. Always try to learn more than what you want to know. 
This is all very well said Thessa, are you sure you’re only 18?

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