Batangas- which resort do you like best?

Batangas is always a TOP choice when you want a quick family getaway from the hustle and bustle of Manila. It’s only 2-3 hours drive when you take the STAR Toll Expressway for ease of travel. I listed here the resorts I like to visit in Batangas.

Read up and tell me if you agree with me.


The first resort that’s at the top of my list when I think of Batangas is Laluz Resort in San Juan, Batangas which I think is the easiest planned escape for families and couples. See tripadvisor rating here.

PROS: Buffet! Daytrip Rates! Exclusivity! Massage Services! Snorkelling! Kayaking! Banana Boat Rides!

CONS: You need to make a trip to the bank to do a bank deposit. The beach is white but pebbly sand. It’s no Boracay but it will do for me.


Second on the list is Windward place in Tali Beach, Batangas specifically because the rooms are spacious and had a nice modern, minimalistic design with some rustic accessorizing. It’s perfect for big groups with toddlers. You can bring food and have the staff cook it for you, complete with table settings in their airconditioned dining area that had a play area for kids and lots of toys for them to play with. They are not on tripadvisor but you can find them on instagram, @windwardhouse.




photos by A. Lagura

PROS: Exclusivity, they arranged a poolside movie theatre for us with surround speakers and projector, the staff prepared dinner and breakfast or us for an additional fee Php1000(we brought food to cook) , you can brew coffee using their coffeemaker or coffee press, also their pool had an area that was shallow and toddlers can play in it with maximum supervision.

CONS: Have it for one day at a rate of Php25,000. It may be hard on the pocket but if you have a group of 16 people like we did, and some toddlers, it’s quite reasonable. Also you have to take a drive to the beach to enjoy it, also a kid friendly beach if you might ask. Additionally, bank deposit needs to be made, no online transactions yet.


Third on my list is the Awilihan Resort, which I only recently visited. See tripadvisor rating here.

*photo taken from tripadvisor page

PROS: Exclusivity-you have their pool all to yourselves, they have a menu wherein you can pre-order your food so that everything is ready for you when you get there, you can take a quick drive up to Tagaytay if you want to take a foodie trip to the Bag of Beans or Leslie’s, you can ask the resort to arrange a trip to the Taal crater lake for Php2500.



*photos my teammate took during our hike, it wasn’t obvious but I was such a wreck trying to keep up with them =D

CONS: You can’t swim in Taal lake, it smells of rotten eggs because of the sulphur content, some garbage and dead fish can be seen floating along the shoreline. Again, bank deposit is needed, no online transactions.They have 2 rooms, and a spacious area infront of those rooms with thick mattresses spread out on the floor.


The fourth one that I quite liked was Club Balai Isabel in Talisay, Batangas because our loft room during our team building activity was quite nice and spacious. See tripadvisor rating here.

photo from their website

PROS: Nice Spacious Rooms with Veranda overlooking Taal lake. You can also schedule a massage and have it in your room.

CONS: You cannot swim in Taal lake, the view shows that the coastline is ridden with garbage. Swimming pools are available though.


The fifth and last one on my list is Acquaria Resort in Calatagan, Batangas. As a disclaimer, we went there when my brother in law came home from an overseas assignment and it was in the middle of the -BER season so the wind was quite cold. We were only on a day trip. They do not have tripadvisor but here’s a review that shows what they can offer.

*photos taken from their facebook page, link above

PROS: You can bring food but you have to eat it in the car, if you are coming with a big group, the corkage fee is then reasonable and you can use their grilling area, you can also drop by Tagaytay for breakfast on the way to Calatagan, you can walk-in, no reservation needed, they have a giant slide and kiddie wading pools

CONS: Sea urchins, corkage fee for food is expensive if you are a family or group of 4 only

What do you think? Which resort do you frequent when you want to get away from the city? Post it in the comment and let us know!


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