Parents@HP Summer workshops

April was a busy month because of a series of workshops I organized at work for kids. Of course that meant Mika would be able to attend the free workshops. So.. yay!

She enjoyed her Origami classes the most. Even though she would only fold the first or second triangle or square. Her favorite was the purple butterfly of course!


She was also lucky to attend a free Gymboree class as part of the workshops. They did Arts and Crafts. She proudly said purple when the teacher asked them to pick the color of paint for their hats. She picked a pig to stick on her hat as a decor because her favorite book that week was about…a pig!


She also received a gift pack full of Art materials for participating in an Art competition focused on the theme – Save Mother Earth. I asked her if she would paint some trees and she said ,” Purple trees!”.



Another class in the series of kids Summer workshops at HP was for Streetdance. She only got as far as going in line when the teacher asked but she was too shy to copy the instructor’s moves. Once she went out of the room and did her warm up stretches out of sight of her dancemates but other than that she pretty much spent most  of her time running around or rolling on the floor. I guess 3 year olds and streetdancing are not yet meant to be.


KDA was able to provide Martials Arts classes in two office locations. The kids really loved it! I think it was a great avenue for then to learn discipline,self confidence, and respect for others. It takes a lot to shout “Kiyah!” while doing the Karate stances so many of them left each class feeling more and more self assured.


All in all,I hope the kids enjoyed each class as much as I had fun planning each workshop and I hope this learning experience will make them excited for the next run.  See you  again next year kids!

Tita Abi


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