11 years and a day

Dear Momi,

I can’t believe its been that long since we last hugged and since I last talked to you.I was crying then, part of me is still sad right now. Some of what you missed are these two little kulits that I wish you had the chance to play with. They would probably enjoy being read to by their lola,playing with babebibobu flash cards or learning scrabble. Sometimes I wonder what life would have been like if you were still with us in our journey. We would have probably had our differences but it would have been nice to get some advice on life stuff.

Now I understand how you felt. Being a mom has opened me up to the sacrifices a mother does for her children. How the worrying is endless just because you care too much. I remember you were worried about us when you knew you were leaving but I hope you can see we turned out pretty well.

A hug from you would be really nice right now. I really miss you. There is not a day that I think about you and the “would have been”  scenarios that are stuck to my brain like my favorite romcom movie. Each time a scenario pops up in my head, I pray for your restful sleep and for you to know how much we love you.



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